healthy engagement


lovely documentation film created by Steven Barker one of Dr Grays staff – it features the exhibition of research our interns on resonate | disseminate have organised at Moray School of Art

In September 2017 Resonate Disseminate recruited three students from Moray School of art to become interns on the project. Their aims were to help out as much as they could, shadow the artists, document their time at the sites, and come up with their own strategies for artistic engagement.

The student interns engagement project has now finished. MURIEL HUGHES, SADIE STODDART AND KIM WELCH shadowed all members of the resonate team and the GHAT team, visited both sites with Mike and Graeme and also helped out hugely during the events.

INVESTIGATE RESONATE DISSEMINATE is the conclusion of the student’s time with the project, a unique mixture of documentation and collaboration, showcasing the work of the artists, the community at large, and offering potential outcomes for Resonate Disseminate as it becomes embedded across the Grampian region.

It was an extremely valuable part of the project and hopefully we can create a legacy relationship with Dr Grays and Moray School of art which will stand them in good stead in the future. This engagement project brings Dr grays staff, art students and the greater community of Elgin togethor beautifully. Its one of the project goals to achieve this kind of dialogue between all of these groups.



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