an extraordinary life

Our film “An extraordinary Life” an interview with influential arts therapist Joyce Laing OBE who is our leading authority on “Art Extraordinary” or Outsider Art in Scotland, premiered at An Extraordinary Gathering. The full film will also be shown at a series of screenings celebrating Scotland’s Extraordinary Art and the history of Scottish Art Therapy across both hospital sites and the communities of Elgin, Inverurie and Aberdeen.

An Extraordinary Gathering a two day symposium at Edinburgh College of Art amassed a very diverse group of artists, therapists, community workers, educators and academics with an interest in alternative creativity. A two day program of workshops, an exhibition and conference explored the connections between outsider art and non-professional and ad-hoc creativity in other fields. We discussed and considered how such discrete and intriguing art practices inform wider issues of health and environment in Scotland. It was great to see the GHAT team at the centre of this very diverse event.

The film has been co-produced by GHAT resonate : disseminate team and Edinburgh College of Art, the University of Edinburgh team who are running An Extraordinary Gathering. Graeme Roger, Mike Inglis, Dr Cath Keays and Dr Rachel Harkness. Main picture shows Scott Swanson explaining his extraordinary crochet art to Joyce Laing.



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