caring and sharing

As part of dissemination and sharing good practice we ran and co hosted an event with the Stove group in Dumfries. The event was a Public Talk and Discussion in the evening and a preceded by private meeting of the artists from Dumfries and Galloway who are working with hospitals and healthcare and the GHAT team of Tamsin, Graeme and I. Also present was Jonathon Price our project evaluator. We were welcomed by Katie Anderson who is working with a team of artists including Martin O’Neil in the new Dumfries Hospital as well as Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman also developing complex healthcare strategies. The afternoon was very useful in sharing good practice, exploring mutual frustrations and solutions to resolve them.

The evening event was promoted as follows :
Join the artist’s team from Grampian Hospital Arts Trust, Mike Inglis and Graeme Roger who are currently working within Dr Gray Hospital and Inverurie Hospital in Moray and Grampians, alongside Dumfries and Galloway artists working as part of the new DGRI hospital project.

Explore with us the potential of a hospital as a public building to be a cultural focal point and debate the question what really is innovative cultural engagement? Can artists really make a difference?

 A very robust discussion followed the presentations in the evening with contributions for members of the public, engagement driven artists and nurses from local hospices and hospitals.


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