stars in their eyes in elgin


We are currently very busy spending august creating a soundtrack for and editing the Dr Gray’s thriller chiller. We wrote and filmed the piece over a busy June and July during one of the hottest spells of weather this year. The staff of Dr Grays truly were the stars of the show helping in every stage of the pre production and then acting in the final piece. Great fun was had by all as we scouted and used diverse locations all over the hospital from dark service tunnels to rooftop crawl spaces, from deserted wards to the hospital radio station. Katherine Mackie who works all over the hospital and took a starring role commented ” I’ve worked in almost every ward in this building but I’ve been to places over the filming that I never knew existed.” We want to thank Katherine and Tim Wakefield especially for the hard work they put in on the film. Katherine was in every shot and must have been exhausted by the final take but we couldn’t have done it without her. Tim, who works as a porter with the hospital, was absolutely central to the success of the piece. He was our organiser and fixer on the ground and is well deserving of an executive producer role in the credits. He even spent his birthday (a Saturday!) filming with the crew. We had help from so may of the staff, doctors, nurses, porters and kitchen staff all took time out from overworked schedules to help create this hospital chiller and we all enjoyed such a great experience togethor. Roll on the final cut and the premiere.



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