The Artists

Mike Inglis | Lead Artist


Mike Inglis is a practicing artist and part time lecturer at Edinburgh college of art. He has created a series of permanent and temporary Public Art commissions across Scotland and have shown his gallery based projects both nationally as internationally.

His practice deals with and explores links between public art and outsider art. He enjoys making publically sited work that explores transitional spaces that “outsider art” often inhabits as well as bleeding these practices into work for more traditional gallery spaces. He is particularly interested in found materials and adhocist approaches to construction.

Ethnographic research lies at the centre of his creative process. The focus of his research often engages in a direct dialogue with outsiders or isolated communities, their dogmas or doctrines becoming the core of our dialogues. He is interested in exploring ideas that surround superstitions and belief systems in a wide variety of outputs from drawing and printmaking to installation work.

Currently he is also developing a new funded research led body of work which examines, maps and explores outsider art culture and adhocist practices.

Previously he was artist in residence for Creative Scotland with Scottish Natural Heritage, artist in residence with the Stove group in Dumfries and has taken part in research based collaborations with many organisations such as UK Astronomy Technology Centre, Edinburgh Science Festival, Inverness Old Town Art and Edinburgh Printmakers.

Graeme Roger | Associate Artist

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Graeme Roger is an artist and film-maker. His work includes sculpture, film, performance, photography, installations, theatre and residency projects, often collaborating with other artists and musicians, forming part of ROGER & REID and GANGHUT.

Projects include residencies at Culloden Battlefield & Aden Country Park, also recipient of the Royal Scottish Academy Morton Award for lens based art as part of ROGER & REID.

Graeme currently has multiple projects in development. He is also video designer for theatre including the National Theatre of Scotland, Mull Theatre, Theatre Hebrides, Eden Court / Open Book Productions and The Big Fat Electric Ceilidh.  Graeme leads the digi team and ‘Cashback for Creativity’ program at Eden Court Theatre in Inverness.


Mike and Graeme were also joined by Catrin Jeans | Associate Artist from August through to November of 2017 when she left the project to have a bouncing baby son. Catrin is an artist who explores performance and audience participation as part of her diverse practice. Catrin is keen to explore her artwork as a leisure pursuit and define the artist as the service provider who facilitates cultural development for all participants involved.

Anthony Schrag undertook the pilot research phase (late 2016 – early 2017) of the Resonate: Disseminate project, exploring its limitations, opportunities and laying the groundwork for the larger programme. He was assisted during this phase by Elgin based artist Charis Edward Wells.